EFR FAAW Requalification 1 Day

The Emergency First Response First Aid at Work (Great Britain) is designed for the purpose of meeting the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. This programme meets the statutory needs of employers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland needing at least one First Aider on the premises.  The Emergency First Response First Aid at Work (Great Britain) course is customised to UK Resuscitation Council basic life support protocols and nationally accepted first aid protocols and is based upon the instructor led delivery of the Emergency First Response Primary Care and Secondary Care modules instructor digital lesson guides. Modules on Caring for Specific Illnesses and Injuries, and First Aid in the Workplace compliment these.  

The EFR First Aid at Work Requalification training course updates the first aid skills of those who need to renew their First Aid at Work certificate.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) strongly recommends that you requalify within a month of your certificate expiring.  

If your certificate has expired you are still able to attend this course, but the HSE recommends you attend the First Aid at Work (3 day course) if more than a month has elapsed since expiry.  Please note that the requalification course is an intensive course with very little practice time and designed for people whose certificate is still in date. If you do decide to attend the requalification course you will need to work at the pace of the course.

Who is this course for?

It is most suited to those working in high-risk environments, such as building sites or warehouses.  However, it is also suited to those working around many people such as adventure centres, sports centres, leisure complexes, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and businesses. 

This course can be adapted to suit a particular audience, for example, Teaching and Support Staff, Dental and Veterinary Staff, Nursery and Pre School Staff etc.

Subjects covered in this course include:

The Role of the First Aider – Role responsibilities, definition, infection control, consent, accident forms and first aid equipment, Assessment of an Emergency Situation and Your Actions – Scene survey, Primary survey, Calling for help, CPR – The Unconscious Paediatric who is Unresponsive and not Breathing Normally, Management of a Seizure. Recognition and management, The Unconscious Casualty – The Unconscious Paediatric who is Breathing Normally, Assessing consciousness and recovery position, Choking – Recognition and Treatment, Wounds and Bleeding – Types and treatment of bleeding, Shock – Recognition and treatment of shock, Burns and Scalds – Recognition and Treatment, Allergies/Asthma – Recognition and Treatment/Use of an EpiPen and Inhaler and Head Injuries – Recognition and Treatment.

Further information about this qualification

Cost - £795.00 per group of up to 6 candidates.

Course Delivery: This course is delivered part online or self study and face to face.

Certification: Valid for 3 Years.  

Accreditation: Emergency First Response First Aid at Work certification, certification card and CPD certificated for 3 years.

Duration: This is a 1 day course / 6 hours face to face to complete with a built in part online course or self study module.

Recognised by: HSE, Ofsted, PADI, ISI, ISA, HMIE, Estyn, Scouts Association, Girl Guiding, British Canoeing and Sports and Medical regulating bodies.

Progression - EFR First Aid Instructor.

Ratios – We work on a ratio of 1:12 Candidates.

Administration – Each candidate is given an EFR First Aid at Work or First Aid Made Easy Book to keep and certificated upon successful completion of the course.

Assessment – Each candidate must pass 2 x Theory Multiple Choice Question Papers and a practical assessment.

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