Food Safety in Catering Level 2

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Our Food Safety in Catering Level 2 eLearning course (Food Hygiene Certificate) is for anyone needing a thorough training and certificated qualification in Food Safety/Hygiene. 

This course is set up for those working in settings such as:

  • Primary and Secondary Schools, Higher Education Establishments, Academies, Early Years Establishments, Catering establishments, Fast Food Industry, Street Food.


Further information about the food safety in catering level 2 online training course

CPD – All our courses conform to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) criteria.

Ofsted – Ensure you meet the guidelines set by Ofsted and HSE by completing this award.

HSE/Environmental Health – Feel safe in the knowledge that this qualification is recognised as appropriate training with the HSE & Environmental Health/Local Council.

Certification – Once you have completed your course you can then print off your certificate and pass to your employer. If you do not pass your online test first time then you have nothing to worry about, just read through the literature again and retake your online test until you do.  Valid for 3 Years.  This course takes approx 2-3 hours to complete.

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Food Safety in Catering Level 2

  1. Welcome and Contents
  2. Course Contents
  3. Legislation around Food Safety
  4. Unit 1 Food Safety
  5. Unit 2 Responsibilities
  6. Unit 3 The Food Safety Act
  7. Unit 4 European Law
  8. Unit 5 Food Safety Food Law
  9. Unit 6 Due Diligence
  10. Unit 7 Food Hygiene Rating Scheme
  11. Unit 8 Training
  12. Premises, Equipment and Cleaning
  13. Unit 1 Pemises and Workflow
  14. Unit 2 Colour Coding of Equipment
  15. Unit 3 Cleaning Products
  16. Unit 4 Wet Cleaning and Disinfecting
  17. Unit 5 The Disposal of Waste
  18. Personal Hygiene
  19. Unit 1 Washing of Hands
  20. Unit 2 Protective Clothing
  21. Unit 3 Do's and Dont's
  22. Contamination and Food Safety Control
  23. Unit 1 Types of Contamination
  24. Unit 2 Cross Contamination
  25. Unit 3 Control Measures
  26. Temperature Management Systems
  27. Unit 1 Safe Temperatures
  28. Unit 2 Cooling and Thawing
  29. Unit 3 Hot and Cold Holding
  30. Unit 4 Cooking and Reheating Foods
  31. Unit 5 Recording Temperatures
  32. Unit 6 Displaying of Foods
  33. Food Poisoning & Bacteriology
  34. Unit 1 High and Low Risk Foods
  35. Unit 2 Food Poisoning
  36. Unit 3 Types of Bacteria
  37. Unit 4 Bacteriology
  38. Unit 5 Preservation
  39. The Control of Organisms (Pests)
  40. Unit 1 Common Types of Pests
  41. Unit 2 Prevention of Pests
  42. Unit 3 Pets
  43. Food Storage and Deliveries
  44. Unit 1 Stock Rotation
  45. Unit 2 Dry Stores
  46. Unit 3 Delivery of Foods
  47. Review Your Training