Safeguarding Children Level 1

This Safeguarding Children Level 1 course will ideally suit Teaching Staff, Child minders, Play workers, Carers, Nursery staff, Sports staff, Police Officers and those needing an induction into Safeguarding Children.

Our Safeguarding Children Level 1 e-Learning course provides theoretical and case study based training for anyone that works or volunteers with children aged from birth to 16yrs.  This course shall introduce you to the basic requirements of carrying out your role in safeguarding children or those just needing a Safeguarding Children Level 1 induction.  This qualification provides entry/beginner Level 1 knowledge of child protection and will help you to recognise and know what to do if you believe that a child is at risk.


Course Objectives

  1. Explain the concepts of protection, vulnerability and significant harm in relation to children
  2. Identify the responsibility of individuals in protecting children
  3. Define abuse and identify the indicators and related examples of physical and emotional abuse
  4. Identify the indicators and related examples of sexual abuse, neglect and bullying
  5. Explain the nature of child protection law and the related processes for managing disclosure
  6. Apply a range of knowledge and understanding to solve practical child abuse situations

Further information about this qualification

Course Delivery -  This course is delivered in video Format using VIMEO and backed up with some text.

Certification – Valid for 3 Years and Ofsted and local council recognised and is available to download and print once completed.  Your certificate shall remain on our system for 12 months from the date of completion.

Duration: Approx 1-2 hours to complete.

Progression - We would suggest the Safeguarding Children Level 2, Safeguarding Children Level 3 Designated officer or the Safer Recruitment in Education course.

FREE Updates - you are welcome to look back over the course modules for a further 12 months from your course completion date. 

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Safeguarding Children Level 1

  1. Defining Safeguarding
  2. Defining Child Abuse
  3. The Protection
  4. Types and Forms of Abuse
  5. Physical Abuse
  6. Emotional Abuse
  7. Sexual Abuse
  8. Neglect
  9. Domestic Violence
  10. Bullying
  11. E-Safety
  12. Disclosure
  13. Recording Abuse
  14. The Next Step
  15. Policy and Procedures