Keeping Children Safe Online Level 2

This Keeping Children Safe Online Level 2 eLearning course will ideally suit Teaching Staff, Child minders, Play workers, Carers, Nursery staff, Sports staff and those needing a thorough and professional training in Safeguarding.  It is a great addition to any of our Safeguarding Courses Levels 1-3.

Our Keeping Children Safe Online Level 2 e-Learning course provides theoretical and case study based training for anyone that works or volunteers with children aged from birth to 18yrs.  This course shall develop both your competence and confidence in carrying out your role in safeguarding children Online or those just needing a refresher.  This qualification provides intermediate Level 2 knowledge of Keeping Children Safe Online and will help you to recognise and know what to do if you believe that a child is at risk.

Course Objectives

After studying this course and successfully completing the assessment you should be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of ‘children's use of the internet’, what risks children take online’ and ‘how to support children and staff and what support is available’.
  • Define abuse, bullying, harmful content, risks, sexting and sharing, cyber bullying and be aware of the signs and symptoms that indicate these main forms of abuse.
  • Examine the law surrounding the protection of children and identify an individual’s role and responsibilities in relation to disclosure.  

There are many children and young people in society who are at the risk of danger.  They are at risk of harm from others due to their inability to protect themselves.

This course will also link to the latest Government publications:

1. Education for a Connected World framework - 23rd Feb 2018

2. Teaching Online Safety in Schools - 26th June 2019

3. Keeping Children Safe in Education - 01st September 2021

This course should be taken as an additional course to either the Safeguarding Children Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3.

Further information about this qualification

Governing Bodies – Ensure you meet the guidelines set by Ofsted, Estyn, ISA, ISI, Sports Bodies, Dental and Medical boards by completing this award.

Certification – Once you have completed your course you can then print off your certificate and pass to your employer. If you do not pass your online test first time then you have nothing to worry about, just read through the literature again and retake your online test until you do.  Valid for 3 Years. This course takes approx 2 hours to complete.  Your certificate shall remain on our system for 12 months from the date of completion.

Progression - We would suggest that your next line pf progression be the Safeguarding Children Level 1, Safeguarding Children Level 2, Safeguarding Children Level 3 Designated Officer DSL and Safer Recruitment in Education course.

FREE Updates - you are welcome to look back over the course modules for a further 12 months from your course completion date.

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Keeping Children Safe Online Level 2

  1. Introduction
  2. How Children use the Internet
  3. Risk Taking
  4. Harmful Content
  5. Radicalisation
  6. Sexting and Sharing
  7. Cyber Bullying
  8. Supporting
  9. Latest Updates

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